We help creators, inventors and product developers grow their brands through social advertising.

Discovery Marketing was instrumental in helping one of our CPG clients get up and running on Facebook.  They took control of all technical aspects of the account and allowed us to focus on our creative core.
Chris Rebsamen
CEO, Jupiter Marketing


Our team has helped grow several brands from initial traction to broad scale, globally. With our diverse expertise, we have a broad skill set to help brands grow, through multiple retail channels, using direct response tactics, influencer marketing, authority building and content marketing.


We help brands drive customer engagement through effective Messenger marketing campaigns. This increases customer satisfaction, lowers customer acquisition costs, and grows an audience of raving, loyal fans.


Your customers use multiple social platforms, on multiple devices. An interaction might begin on Instagram and the last touch might happen on Facebook on the desktop. We help you maximize your return on ad spend by leveraging all customer touchpoints.


Transparent Reporting

No sleight of hand to bury the lead. We'll keep you informed of your campaign, audience and creative performance with daily updates.

We Go Global

We specialize in multi-currency, multilingual advertising strategies, to help your brand uncover opportunities in untapped global markets.

Performance Oriented

We focus on customer acquisition and cost-effective purchase conversions. We help you grow your online sales with proven strategies to acquire new customers and improve repeat purchases from existing customers.

Amazingly Responsive

We're always there when you need us. Email, Chat, Slack, we make sure you have the peace of mind of knowing we're there for you.

Let It Flow

Advertising without strategic lead capture and follow-up marketing is like pouring water into a leaky bucket. We help you maximize your revenue potential with email and Messenger flows that leverage your transaction data and user behavior.


We use create-test-analyze process to consistently improve your advertising results. Our relentless data analysis helps us find new opportunities for growing your brand and reducing your customer acquisition costs.

Fan Mail:

I can’t thank Kevin enough for his time, his BRILLIANT business strategy advice and for sharing a piece of his business acumen with me! We met through a mutual friend and he took the time to prep me for the most important meeting of my life. His advice was invaluable! I can’t believe the amount of pointers he provided and how accurate his suggestions would be. Then, I called to share the results of my meeting and he had even more “tricks” to share with me. I consider him an ingenious mentor! He is one smart cookie!
Kimberly Meckwood
Click & Carry, Inc. CEO
The team at Discovery has helped us scale our business. Whether it was leveraging initial viral video success, through Facebook advertising, or weathering tough times when algorithmic changes required us to adapt our marketing strategy. They've always been there for us to rely on, for large or small projects, providing balanced guidance and assistance through the years.
Tom Sailors
Founder, Mermaid Pillow Co.
I started advertising on Facebook by boosting posts and quickly felt out of my depth. The team at Discover was instrumental in helping me craft a strategy for using Facebook Ads to build leads and book events for my local business. They took something that, to me, felt very complicated and confusing, and distilled it into executable steps. Events at Whittier has a robust pipeline of leads, and a strong audience of prospects interested in using our venue and services.
Cathy Nedd
Owner, Events at Whittier
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